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I Hoop Too Foundation

I Hoop Too Foundation was created to encourage and uplift the youth in our community through basketball and other community resources. While our emphasis is on young women, we serve the community in whole with several initiatives that focus on Personal Development, Education, and Health and Wellness. We are committed to showing up each day with BIG Energy, BIG Effort, and BIG Confidence as we strive to positively impact the world with each interaction.

Pillars of service

Personal Development

Personal Development is the process of continuous self-improvement and self-discovery. We want to create opportunities for young girls to learn more about their talents, abilities, values, beliefs, and aspirations so they can be confident in who they are and what they can do in life.


We want to provide educational resources and opportunities to children in underserved populations. Education is instrumental in exposure to new people and experiences, creating equal opportunities, and fostering empowerment within our communities.

Health and Wellness

What good is personal development and education if you are too sick to enjoy it? We want to educate and engage our community in healthy, active life choices that promote strong physical, mental, and social well-being.

Meet Our Founder and ceo


Christina “Ms. Basketball” Granville is a radio personality for Atlanta’s V103 Morning Show with Big Tigger and Tyler Chronicles.  Since moving to Atlanta in 2013, she has since taken the city by storm. She has been featured in productions such as Ride Along 2, Tyler Perry’s The Have & Have Nots, Dating in Atlanta: The Movie, and has also graced the runway in over 50 fashion shows.  Christina has also worked all over the country hosting major events such as the Essence Festival, NCAA Final Four, NCAA Football Championship, Black Enterprise Entrepreneurship Summit, Super Bowl and many more.


She is very active in her community supporting organizations like Pretty Girls Sweat, Ballin’ for Lupus Luvs, and Taking Back Our Community (TBOC). Christina’s love for basketball and her passion for empowering children, especially young ladies, led her to create the I Hoop Too Foundation.


For more information on Christina “Ms. Basketball” Granville, please visit

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